1. Ranger Lauren Paljusaj sent us over some photos from a recent stole through Americas industrial wasteland, Detroit • Michigan. Eat with your eyes folks!! More goodies on the way..

    Ranger: Lauren Paljusaj

  2. Thank you everyone who came out to the “Tangible" show at Seeing Things Gallery in San Jose last Friday! Good times were had, new friends were made and clothes were lost! I want to give a huge shout out to Jai Tanju for welcoming this exhibition into his beautiful space and for always being an inspiration to us all..

    The show is up on the walls until March 20th, so if you didn’t get the chance to make it out on Friday night and find yourself in San Jose, stop by the gallery and eat with your eyes..Till next time y’all!

    •Jarod Taber

  3. R.I.P Shawn Whisenant

    Shawn Whisenant was both a friend and family to many. His positivity motivated people, while his creativity inspired a generation of artists, graffiti writers and street photographers. Shawn always had a smile on his face, a camera in his hand and Kupie dog following closely behind him on her leash, ready to take on the ever changing world that was always simultaneously unfolding at Shawn’s fingertips as he walked the streets of San Francisco. 

    It brings me to tears to say goodbye to such an amazing human, friend, artist and photographer. Shawn was like a brother to me. He showed me San Francisco like no one else could and introduced me to a culture that is forever embedded in my soul. Today we say goodbye to Shawn Whisenant, but tomorrow we will remember him for the amazing person he was, the things that he stood for and the accomplishments he made.

    We Love You Shawn Whisenant. Rest In Peace My Brother…

    • Jarod Taber

  4. Ranger: Geoff Fortune

  5. Ranger: Oswaldo Guadarrama

  6. Ranger: Paul Johnson

  7. Ranger: Josh D. Olley

  8. Ranger: Jordan Garceau

  9. Ranger: Ian Kline

  10. Ranger William Mark Sommer just moved to Vegas and sent over some fresh crops from his first role of film in this sleepless city! Thanks for the gems Mark..

  11. Ranger: Hunter Ney

  12. We have a show coming up at Seeing Things Gallery in San Jose featuring handprinted work from a handful of OG Rangers!! Mark your calendars for March 7th everyone, its gonna be a banger.. 

    "TANGIBLE" A Handprinted Exhibition

    "Humans have always had a desire and need to create, from tools to shelters to art. These creations often outlive their creator leaving others claiming the creator has a "god complex". Maybe that’s why we create, maybe not… maybe that’s why we created god in the first place. The group of artists in this show, living somewhere in between California and Croatia, have created photographs in the traditional sense, using their hands to make a physical object, out of an elemental human need and desire to create Tangible art. These are things they can share and give to their friends and they’d like to share them with you too! Everyone loves Seeing Things so come to Seeing Things Gallery and rejoice in this near religious exhibition of Tangible photography.”

    -Nich Kunz

    Ben Gore
    Nich Kunz
    Sergej Vutuc
    Jarod Taber
    Seth Ramirez
    Jason Lecras
    Espen Stokke
    Sam Milianta
    Kohlton Ervin
    Brandon Getty
    Carson Lancaster

  13. We just got some recap photos from a recent Ranger curated show “Whispers & Proms” at Seeing Things Gallery featuring the work of photographer Ralph Coon (AKA THE LAST PROM)!!! Good times fellas..

  14. Ranger: Jeremiah Rosethorn

  15. Ranger: Edson Ochoa